Front view of blue round mirror

Another photo of the blue frameless wall mirror

Detailed view of blue mirror

 Sample piece of blue mirror material

Sample piece of blue mirror material


Cobalt Blue Glass Mirror

Round, early 20th century inspired wall mirror for New York City interior.

Our client wanted a Modern, colorful piece to accompany their Modern, almost Parisian style townhome. Immediately my mind jumped a beautiful round piece, in either a soft pink or vibrant blue.

 This mirror was inspired by the round, colorful mirrors of the 1920s and 30s. During that era, jewel-toned, round pieces were a simple and elegant addition to many living and working spaces. 

Designers like Ruhlmann used these colorful additions in much of their interior work. (If you are interested in Art Deco, check out this widewalls article about famous artists from the period.)

Ultimately, For this blue mirror, our client wanted to have a light bounce that would fill her space, so we added a clear, round mirror to the blue piece.

With all these ingredients, this mirror was a the perfect blend of form and function. 

Designer Color & Mirror 

Period Influence Art Deco (1900 - 1940)

Materials 6mm Cobalt Blue Mirror

Client Location New York City


If you are interested in using this material, take a look here for a material overview, where you can order a swatch.