Blue Mirror by Color and Mirror

Another Round Blue Mirror by Color & Mirror

Color & Mirror blue wall mirror photographed at residence

A Lighter Blue Glass Mirror. You can see our  whole collection of colorful mirror here

A Lighter Blue Glass Mirror. You can see our whole collection of colorful mirror here

Period Influence Art Deco, Modern

Materials 10mm antique cobalt blue mirror

Diameter 26" (53 cm)

Depth 1" (2.5 cm)

Weight 14 lbs

Client Location Lisbon, Portugal

Overview This wall mirror was built as a private commission for a longtime client. We approached the client with the vision after coming across beautiful, vintage cobalt mirror. 

Cobalt Blue Mirror

A beautiful, vintage cobalt blue mirror designed and fabricated by Color & Mirror. 

The Art Deco inspired wall mirror on the left was a real find. The blue mirror we used is from a1940s reconstruction project in Chicago.

We then built the wall mirror using that vintage blue glass mirror.

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Restoration Cobalt Blue Mirrors

The mirror itself evokes the 1920s not only in style but also in its rich color tone. The deep, luxurious blue tone is fundamental to Art Deco design and furniture. 

We presented this concept to one of our longtime clients as feature piece in her foyer. She loved it. 

Using vintage material presents many fabrication problems. Not to mention shipping. All in all, the mirror arrived safely, and we all breathed a sighed of relief.

Most custom wall mirror projects use a blue mirror that we make to order -- not vintage material. 

Blue Glass Mirror in Your Project

Color & Mirror is a mirrored furniture studio. We build custom wall mirrors and other mirrored pieces using a huge selection of custom material.

This piece one the webpage is an example of our work. That said, if you are interested in a wall mirror, piece of furniture, or just decorative mirror itself, please reach out.

You can email me directly,, with requests for custom pieces.

Though this piece is vintage mirror, we also make blue mirror new, as vintage is not the right fit for most projects.

Also, if you have a restoration project or piece of furniture, let us know and we can discuss using mirror material from the 1920s or 1930s.