Hanging Your Mirror

The hanging system is two aluminum pieces, an angled bar that is attached to the mirror's back and a receiving bar that is attached to the wall. The two angles interlock and prevent the object from falling off the wall.


One part of the hanger is attached to the mirror but **you will have to attach the adjoining piece to your hanging surface (wall, etc.). Screws and anchors are not included with the mirror, as different surfaces require different screws.** 

The metal meant for mounting on your hanging surface is attached with blue tape.

For large mirrors, please let your installer know that they will have to drill the metal and provide screws for mounting the piece. 

When installing, the best method for hanging will be up to your installer. We recommend all pieces over 40lbs use mechanical support, such as L Angle in addition to the aluminum French cleat already attached to the mirror.

Please note that larger pieces also include a second French cleat, located at the bottom of the mounting board. 


The most important thing is that you make sure the metal cleat is level before you screw it into the wall. Past that, the hanging process requires you to match the metal brackets and check the mirror for stability.


Here is a youtube video that shows a French cleat installation

And another