Purple Machine Age mirror photographed at Color & Mirror studio

32" Round Purple Wall Mirror

32" Round Purple Wall Mirror

Materials 6mm Low Iron Mirror & Purple Glass Mirror

Width 34" (widest) (86 cm)

Height 33" (82 cm)

Depth 1" (2.5 cm)

Client Location New York, New York


Purple Mirror 

Purple mirror has been an interesting addition to many wall mirror projects. We've worked on many Art Deco style pieces using purple (like the piece on the left).

You can request a sample or quote of purple mirror below ↓

Purple also works well on Modern projects. The round purple mirror (pictured below) is popular. The round design is versatile and can fit many locations -- foyer, over a sideboard, etc.

The hue of our purple mirror comes in a few varieties (you can see them here).

From a design perspective, purple played a pivotal role in the color palette that defined the Art Deco era. From furnishings to colorscapes, purple infused the Art Deco world.

We've seen how effect purple can be as a color in Art Deco projects and other restoration projects.

We build wall mirrors for home owners as well as design professionals. Please reach out to our designer James James@colorandmirror.com and we will schedule a time to talk about your ideas and take it from there.