Floral Verre Eglomise mirror photographed in situation.

Photo of Verre Eglomise mirror

Front view of Antiqued, Verre Eglomise Wall Mirror


Verre Eglomise Wall Mirror

Verre eglomise is a historical technique for painting glass with gold and silver leaf. Traditionally, it is used in creating decorative glass, including wall mirrors.

The process itself is very time consuming, as it amounts to painting a surface with a reflective metal.

For this commission, we chose an interesting, floral design for the client's Verre Eglomise Mirror. Photographed in NYC townhome with styling by Color & Mirror

Period Influence Art Nouveau

Materials 6mm Antiqued Mirror 

Height 28" (75 cm)

Width 24" (75 cm)

Depth 1" (2.5 cm)

Client Location NYC

Verre eglomise projects are all done individually, as they truly are handcrafted works of art -- more like an oil painting than a wall mirror.

If you are interested in designing a piece, please email me directly.

I'm James@colorandmirror.com