Studio photo of white glass swatch by Color & Mirror

This photo shows the glass opacity

Backlit photo of white glass

Custom White Glass

Color & Mirror is a custom glass studio. We make glass for furniture, interior, and design projects.

The white glass you see on the left is just one of the shades that we make. We make white glass with varying opacity (clarity) and color.

If you need a custom shade of white please the box above ↑ to request a quote.

White Glass Samples

Looking for a sample of white glass? You can order one by clicking the box below ↓

White Glass Sample
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Upon ordering, we will contact you to discuss the shade/opacity of white you are looking for.

Glass Specs

Glass can be made to virtually any thickness, but usually is made to 5/16” thick.

  • Max Sheet size is 48” x 120”

  • Leadtime is between 2 - 6 weeks, depending on size & complexity of the project

  • Glass is made in the USA

  • All projects are custom. If you are interested in discuss a new idea or active project, email