Blue Mirror by Color and Mirror

Round Blue Mirror by Color & Mirror.

Color & Mirror blue wall mirror photographed at residence

Cobalt Blue Art Deco Mirror

A beautiful, vintage cobalt blue mirror designed and fabricated by Color & Mirror. 

This Art Deco inspired wall mirror was a real find. We salvaged a selection of 1940s blue mirror from a reconstruction project in Chicago and used original, restored material to build this piece.

After consulting with an interior design client, we decided that this piece would be perfect for an international client that we had been working for on and off for years. 

The mirror itself was meant to evoke the 1920s not only in style but also in its rich color tone. The deep, luxurious blue tone of the original material was so beautiful. 

The wall mirror, with its fragile, original material, was shipped using a special foam material that guaranteed safe delivery. We definitely breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing it arrived without damage.Ultimately, the vintage 1930s glass mirror and handmade round style was unmistakably Art Deco.

Period Influence Art Deco, Modern

Materials 10mm antique cobalt blue mirror

Diameter 26" (53 cm)

Depth 1" (2.5 cm)

Weight 14 lbs

Client Location Lisbon, Portugal

You can see more of this material here. We make this material new, as older, vintage materials are extremely hard to come by because of their age and how fragile glass is. 

If you are interested in a vintage piece, however, please drop me a line at, as we keep a selection of vintage materials in our studio.